I think a lot about music: the learning process, what it's like being a professional musician, the impact technology has on music, and so on.  Below are my blogs where I discuss these topics.  

It's All About The Hang - Playing with great musicians is nice, playing with great people is better.  

Modern Music Making - How music making has changed over the past 100 years.  

Play It Again, Sam.  Or Not. - What is the impact of music streaming services like Spotify on listening habits?

Reader Question: Performance Anxiety, Motivation and Inspiration - My advice to a reader who asks about how to get over performance anxiety and how to stay motivated to keep playing guitar.  

What It's Like Playing Guitar For A Living On A Cruise Ship - In 2012, I had a 4 month contract performing on board the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship the Pride of America, sailing to different islands in Hawaii.  This blog was written 6 weeks into the contract.

Art, Money, Passion, and Life - A brief article discussing being passionate about work.

You Are Your Own Worst Critic - Perceptions can be deceiving.  

"But I'm Not A Musician!" - What is the value of a non-musicians opinion of music?

How Good is Good Enough? What does it mean to be good on guitar?  What does it mean to be great?

Established Artists Putting Out New CDs - Your favorite band just put out a new CD!  You want to like it, but...

Being Self-Taught vs. Taking Lessons - Many world famous guitarists are self-taught.  So why take lessons?

Networking in Portland, OR - Written in 2011, soon after moving to Portland from Boston, MA.  

Photos and Summary - Cruising as a Musician in Hawaii -  Photos of my time in Hawaii while performing on a cruise ship and a brief summary of the experience.  

Interview with Tom Bianchi! - Local Boston legend bass player Tom Bianchi talks about being a musician.