Podcast: Stephie Coplan

Published December 2011

Lots of us musicians wonder what it would be like to relocate to New York City and try our hand at making it big in the music biz.  My friend, singer/songwriter Stephie Coplan, is on that path.  Stephie and I met each other in the Cambridge/Somerville music scene, just outside of Boston, MA.  Since moving to the NYC neighborhood of Hoboken, NJ, she has assembled her own band (the Pedestrians), and with them has gone on to garner the attention of publications such as the Boston Phoenix and Music Connection Magazine, as well as Boston radio station WFNX.   She and her band won the People's Choice Award at the 2011 Hoboken Music Awards.  Her debut CD is available on iTunes.  Check out the video for one of the songs on the CD, 'Jerk!' (video below)

In my first podcast, Stephie and I talk about a number of different things, ranging from the songwriting process, to the business side of the music business, and the realities of balancing a music career with a day job .  Check it out!

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