Wes Montgomery - Four on Six

This here is one of the most original jazz pieces I've ever heard!  Recorded at a New York City club in 1965, this song titled 'Four on Six' appears on the CD Smokin' at the Half Note, featuring Wes Montgomery playing guitar with the Wynton Kelly Trio.  It's one of his most popular compositions, it's super jazzy, and it's not that tough to play!  True, it's fast, but you don't have to play it at this speed.  Give it a shot, play it slow - there are likely a bunch of new guitar techniques for you here.  A few of the chords may be a stretch, but I think at the very least you'll get through the first couple of lines without much trouble. 

Click on the player below to hear this song:

Here's the sheet music for the melody - or if you're watching the counter on your .mp3 player, the first 31 seconds of the song: